The best wedding gift idea is a framed print

Wedding gift ideas

Pots and pans – everyone buys them as a wedding gift. Sure— these are all practical gifts: a 10-piece glass bowl set, colorful mixing bowls, a cupcake carrier… but what is the a sentiment behind a wok from Crate and Barrel? More importantly, do you think the happily married couple will remember who gave them the wok that made their delicious chicken teriyaki possible five years down the road? Probably not.

Searching for original gift ideas can be a major headache because there are so many options. But what makes a gift valuable? We believe that it is the story - the meaning - behind it. Photo gifts have the power to preserve stories and touch people’s hearts. It’s a simple idea - but frames are the most personal wedding present that you can give.

Let’s end the “looking for the perfect wedding gift” misery. Here are a number of #frameworthy wedding present ideas:

  • Make it a surprise by framing a candid shot. Maybe it’s that photo taken at the engagement party where she’s resting her head on her fiancé’s shoulder. The couple can keep it on display at their home forever. When their kids grow up, they’ll see how happily in love their parents have been since the beginning.
  • Think about the moments the bride treasures the most. Ask her fiancé to send some personally meaningful pictures. For example, a picture from the night of the proposal, the first photographic record of the couple together, or that amazing trip that they always talk about.
  • There probably isn’t going to be a wilder night than the bachelorette or bachelor party. A photo from this night can be a great present among friends.
  • Photography preserves moments of friendship. Imagine that photo of you together with the couple during that fun trip, a birthday party or at that place where their story started. That photo is a reminder how many milestones you’ve been through together. It’s a gift that says, “I’ll be there for you no matter what.”
  • Still not sure what picture is #frameworthy? Choose one of the frames from our wedding collection, in a precious material such as silver, gold, jeweled, or pearl. Then the bride can pick the photo herself.

Pots and pans should not be the most popular wedding gift. Experiences and people are what bring us the greatest, most genuine happiness. Give the happy couple something that actually matters. Frames bring our most meaningful memories back into our lives, and for that reason they make the perfect wedding gift. The bride and groom are sure to remember you for it.

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