What are metal photo prints?

 Metal photo print mounted on wall

Metal photo prints are a spectacular addition to any wall décor. Noted for their vivid colors and pin-sharp resolution, metal prints are sleek and modern. They are created by heat-infusing dyes transferred onto panels of specially-coated aluminum. This dye sublimation process yields a glossy, contemporary finish that is completely unique.

Bring Your Favorite Photographs to Life

Imagine taking your favorite photos and transforming them into elegant pieces of metal artwork. A high gloss surface ensures brilliant colors and exceptional detail. These eye-catching prints are scratch and fade resistant, can be displayed inside or outdoors without worrying about damage, and feature a variety of mounting options for the home, office, or business.

Because the aluminum composite is rigid yet lightweight, metal prints can be installed on any wall surface. Maintenance is a snap. Use a soft cloth and a small amount of rubbing alcohol or non-ammonia glass cleaner to wipe away dust and unwanted marks.

Why Choose Metal Photo Prints?

The brilliance and durability of custom metal photo prints make them a popular choice for the home and office. They feature a frameless design that adds a touch of sophistication to any environment. In addition, they can be created in any number of sizes and are ideal for large format macro photography creations-- up to 30 x 40 inches. Large metal photo prints are a fantastic way to set the tone and mood of a space-- and display breathtaking images in a unique way.

The dye sublimation process utilizes pressure and heat to infuse ink onto aluminum panels. This means that your personalized metal art will preserve its brilliant hues for years to come.  In addition, the ink won’t peel or fade, and the metal print isn’t susceptible to damage like a traditional paper photograph.

Here are just a few reasons why this advanced printing medium is gaining traction.

Metal photo prints:

  • High resolution and color vibrancy
  • Come in an array of sizes and shapes
  • Feature a clean, frameless design
  • Are appropriate for sheltered outdoor areas
  • Have less glare than traditional glass-framed artwork
  • Are lightweight and easy to install
  • Are moisture, stain, and UV-resistant
  • Are durable and last for decades
  • Have a modern, elegant appearance
  • Add artistic flair to any space

Create Custom Metal Photo Prints with Frameology

Exceptionally vivid color and superior contrast make metal photo prints an ideal medium for showcasing the beauty of your photos. Metal prints offer the richest detail possible and make a bold statement in any space.

Frameology transforms everyday photographs into extraordinary pieces of artwork. Our HD metal prints can provide a sleek new look for your home, business, or office space, and all of our products are backed by our signature 30-day Happiness Guarantee.

Browse our online frame collection of photo print and framing services and give your picture the distinctive look of a luxury decor piece.

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