What are acrylic photo prints?

Acrylic print for the wall

Acrylic photo prints are an innovative medium to display your favorite images. From family gatherings and abstract art to landscape shots, your most cherished moments come alive with vibrant color and depth. Acrylic prints have a borderless construction that adds a spectacular 3-D effect. They are made by reproducing the image in high-definition and printing it on high-quality archival paper mounted with a crystal-clear acrylic sheet. The clarity of acrylic’s polished surface enhances the luminosity and character of photographs for a stunning, minimalist effect.

Create dynamic wall art

The transparent acrylic facing picks up reflections from the surrounding environment and radiates ambient light for a truly stunning look. Acrylic, unlike glass, is shatterproof, making it much more durable for installation. This material protects your art from fading while creating the impression of depth.

Acrylic sheets are 1/8 inch thick, and diamond polished for a contemporary, clean aesthetic. No corner bolts detract the eye since each print is hung via a hidden rail system that creates a floating effect. The result is a spectacular, gallery-quality focal point.

High-impact medium for displaying photos and images

Acrylic photo prints can be ordered in multiple sizes and complement a variety of styles, from modern industrial to Boho chic. In addition, exceptional care is taken with color saturation, crispness, and definition, allowing each creation to really “pop” and grab your attention.

Archival paper and premium inks ensure colors stay vibrant for years and will not fade with normal UV exposure. Caring for an acrylic photo print is simple. Use a mild soap with water or a traditional glass cleaner and a soft cotton cloth to remove dust and marks when necessary.

Benefits of acrylic photo prints

The minimalistic design of our acrylic prints makes them incredibly versatile for residential and commercial environments. Consider some of the key features and benefits of this printing option:

  • Slim, borderless design: Traditional acrylic prints take up minimal wall space yet are substantial enough to produce a magical, three-dimensional effect.
  • Light and easy to install: Acrylic is a sturdy and lightweight material. Prints can be safely hung on virtually any wall space.
  • Floating images: Rail hangers are concealed behind the print, giving the illusion that your photo is floating on the wall.
  • Color vibrancy: Deep rich hues are emphasized thanks to the reflective quality of acrylic.
  • Durability: Acrylic is shatterproof, provides UV protection, and is sturdier than glass.
  • Options for freestanding display: Photos can also be directly printed on large (1 inch-thick) blocks of crystal acrylic that look fantastic on any flat surface.

  Make a statement with custom acrylic prints

Frameology takes state-of-the-art image printing to the next level, with our acrylic block photo prints for tabletops and acrylic glass prints for walls. Acrylic mounts are an effective and affordable way to transform images and give them a timeless appeal. Ready to frame your most cherished memories? Explore our acrylic photo collections today!


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