Turn Insta-worthy pictures into frame-worthy ones

Instagram is a forum where you post your best pictures. Let’s say we take one hundred pictures a week. Out of those pictures, you will probably post two to Instagram. That is because those are your favorite. Either you like the photography or the content. In other words, those are your most Insta-worthy pictures. Those pictures are also what we here at Frameology call Frame-worthy. Instagram does for you in cyberspace what framed pictures can do in person: they display your most sentimental or artfully shot photos. Your Instagram pictures deserved to be framed so that your photos are available in the real world too.
The square shape of Instagram prints adds personality and chicness to a picture. The problem with most printed Instagrams, however, is quality. These pictures have a very low resolution, which can cause trouble when it comes to finding a suitable way to print and display those pictures. If you were to print the pictures too large, they would come out blurry. That is why we recommend 5x5 frames for Instagrams. We allow you to print and frame directly from Instagram, with a series of frames specifically designed to make your Instagrams look great forever.
Now that it’s summer, there is ample opportunity for Instagram photos prints: beach days, sunsets, parties, picnics, barbecues, rooftops, and many more. People love to spend time with their family and friends in the summer months.
The 4th of July is a great example of a time when people come together to celebrate and enjoy the summer weather. This holiday lends itself to Instagram photos with the color schemes and the merriment.
Many people also go on family Vacations during the summer months. In most of the US, and especially in New York, we spend so much of our year in the cold. Summer’s beautiful weather gives us the opportunity to travel and take advantage of the beautiful scenery that the United States has to offer. Print your Instagram memories from your vacations, whether they’re trips to the cape, going down the shore, or heading up to the Hamptons, all of these vacations are Frame-worthy.
People also love to travel abroad during the summer months. Last summer, for example, I had the opportunity to visit Israel. Here are some of the pictures I Instagrammed while I was there.
This trip was important to me because I was able to travel all around a new country with my closest friends. I chose these pictures for many reasons. Some of these I instagrammed because I thought they were cute pictures of my friends and me. Others were simply because the scenery was picture-perfect. And lastly, there are the pictures that will remind me of the place I was visiting and the experiences I had there.
These are a perfect example of the type of vacation or summer pictures that would be great not only to Instagram, but also to print and frame. Frameology is here to help make printing and framing your picture as easy as posting it on Instagram.

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