Fun Ways to Decorate with Family Pictures

Your home is your sanctuary. Make it truly yours by surrounding yourself with beautifully framed family pictures. From silly candid shots to group photos, your family pictures tell the story of your lives and your journey. Here are some fun ways to tell that story while making your house a home.

Build a timeline of your family's journey

Some people like to choose one specific annual occasion and display one picture per year of that occasion. For instance, you could choose one image from each birthday party or the first day of school. Do you host a holiday every year? You can create a gallery of Thanksgiving dinners or New Year's Day brunches with extended family. Maybe you love the candid snaps of you and your partner throughout the years.

Think beyond the walls

Framed pictures look spectacular on walls, but you don't need to limit yourself to hanging them. Scatter a few of your favorite framed photos around on the furniture, such as occasional tables, the mantel, or the top of a piano. You could also cluster three to four framed pictures together on a small shelf, interspersed with decorative candles or vases. If you opt for a photo cluster, you can match the frames for a cohesive look or choose a few different frames that complement each other for an aesthetically pleasing visual contrast. 

Looking for a blast from the past? 

Photo printers, such as those at Frameology, can print the full spectrum of vivid colors. Yet, you can also create a tasteful photo gallery for your home with black and white images. Consider asking older relatives if they have albums you could look through. You can upload vintage black and white photos that showcase your family's history to create a genealogical display.

Here's a fun way to connect the past to the present. You can use the black and white filter on your camera for the photos of the younger generations of your family. Arrange these newer black and white photographs alongside images of relatives from times past. 

Frameology: Frame what matters 

Frameology is your source for beautifully framed family pictures. Just select your pics, upload them, and choose your frames, and our gifted frameologists will do the rest! With more than 30 years of experience in the business, we know a thing or two about top quality. We've cultivated relationships with exceptional manufacturers, allowing us to offer high-quality frames at affordable prices. Plus, we're Climate Neutral Certified! So, upload your family photos today and frame a photo for your gallery.

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