Framed Pictures

Framed photos arranged in a grid

Wall and tabletop art say a lot about your home, and framed pictures are an essential part of that story. Framed images convey not only your aesthetic sensibilities but offer a glimpse of the journey you have been on. They capture significant moments of family life, epic adventures, and personal triumphs.

Framed Photos Bring Warmth & Personality to Your Space

Finding ways to incorporate framed photo displays into your interior design does not have to be stressful. In fact, some of the most elegant and on-trend homes take eclecticism to a whole new level by mixing framed family snapshots with stylish art above fireplace mantles, on side tables, and over couches.

Framed Pictures Create Dramatic Focal Points

Filling large spaces on your walls with your favorite prints has never been easier. Create a dramatic focal point with a single outsized piece of wall art. You can also design a curated photo wall where you can experiment with different colors, styles, and themes.

First, measure the wall space you have in mind, and then put your photo collection on the floor. Do odd numbers look best, or even? Framed photos can be arranged in many ways and offer an excellent opportunity to brighten up a hallway, breakfast nook, living room, or staircase.

Try using different-sized picture frames and disparate images-- linked by color and frame selection. Think about the mood you want to elicit in the space while also considering proportion and balance. Is it a relaxed, casual feel or something more formal? For an eclectic look, consider the contrast of hanging black-and-white photos next to those with vibrant colors.

Framed Family Pictures for Walls and Tabletops

Beautiful framed photos aren’t limited to wall space. Tabletop framed pictures provide a finishing touch to any room. They can be placed on dressers, desks, mantles, countertops, coffee tables, floating shelves, bookcases, and more.

Choosing frames for your prints is the fun part. There is no hard and fast rule when matching frame colors or styles to those in your photo. Instead, consider your current interior design and how much contrast you desire. For example, modern or abstract images work best with simple metal frames that enhance rather than distract. By comparison, wood picture frames can offer a more traditional or rustic look.

Complement Your Home with Frameology

At Frameology, you will find a huge selection of premium picture frames in various styles, colors, and shapes that are sure to complement your living space. Adorn the tabletops and walls of your home with our easy online photo framing service.


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